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Lowe Pontoon Boats in Kamloops 

Are you considering investing in a boat to make the most out of summer? Our Lowe pontoon boats might be ideal for you! At Domenic's Marine Ltd., we offer a wide range of marine products, including pontoon boats and accessories in Kamloops. 

If you want to go fishing or enjoy a day out on the lake in Kamloops, consider a Pontoon boat from Lowe. These are versatile boats with a flat base designed to make your boating adventures more comfortable.    


Domenic’s Marine Ltd. has access to two high-quality Pontoon Lowe boats: luxury pontoon boats and fishing boats. Pontoon boats are a great option due to their watersport versatility and premium comforts. They are very spacious compared to other boats, with select models comfortably seating 15 people. 


These boats offer immense buoyancy, allowing massive decks outfitted with a range of luxuries. Pontoon boats are popular because they can be used for a variety of activities, including watersports and sunbathing. If you are interested in pontoon boats in Kamloops, speak to us at Domenic’s Marine Ltd. We can also provide you with an outboard motor and boating accessories for your boat. Please check out our exciting promotions!

SS210V Pontoon

Length 22" | HP Range: 115

Features of a Lowe Pontoon Boat

What makes a Lowe Pontoon boat special? Here are just a few key features:  

Fully equipped with helm console

Premium furniture & sound systems

Tons of seating – can seat up to 15 people

Versatile use – sport, leisure, fishing

Smooth & comfortable ride

Incredibly reliable

Ample storage space

Benefits of Owning Pontoon Boats

Still not sure whether a pontoon boat in Kamloops is right for you? Consider the following benefits:

  • Spacious: One of the most attractive aspects of pontoon boats is their spacious area. Not only is seating plentiful, but there is a lot of space to walk around while you're on the water. 
  • Comfort: The comfort of these boats often compels many buyers to invest in them. For your convenience, they come in endless seating options, from forward-facing lounges to bar top seating. 
  • Safety: The tubular design of pontoon boats allows them to move on the water safely and efficiently. 
  • Family-friendly: Pontoon boats are ideal for all age groups and perfect for families. With high railings, you don't have to worry about the risk of your children falling over. They are highly adjustable and easy to board, and exit. You can also add features such as wheelchair access. 

In addition to pontoon boats in Kamloops, we can supply boat trailers and marine accessories


The following are some commonly asked questions about our pontoon boats in Kamloops:

Can I Take My Pontoon Boats into the Ocean?

While taking a pontoon boat into the ocean is possible, it is not recommended. During high tide, the waves get rough, increasing the chances of your boat capsizing. For this reason, it is better to use your pontoon boats in inland waters. 

Can My Pontoon Boat Sink?

No boat is unsinkable. However, a pontoon boat is not very likely to sink because of its design. The pontoon tubes offer buoyancy and have several airtight chambers. 

Do Pontoon Boats Offer Stability?

Yes! These boats offer a degree of stability that is unmatched. Their design, including a flat hull, reduces the chances of capsizing. 

Can I Take My Pontoon Boat into Shallow Waters?

Pontoon boats can safely move over depths of at least two feet, but you might have to lower the onboard weight as much as possible. 

Contact Us

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a new pontoon boat in Kamloops. 

We are always happy to help you find the right model for your needs. You can also check out the Lowe website for more inspiration. Based on the manufacturer's ability, turnaround times between ordering and arrival will vary. 


We are also proud to be authorized distributors of Mercury motors.


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