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Powerful Outboard Motors in Kamloops

We understand that a boat is a large investment, and it needs accessories that increase its value and enhance your boating experience. At Domenic's Marine Ltd., we pride ourselves on offering industry-leading products, including outboard motors to our customers in Kamloops. When you visit our showroom, you will meet a team of representatives who are experts in the field of marine products. We are happy to help you choose the products that best meet your needs. 

We are Kamloops' authorized dealer of Mercury® motors. We have a wide selection of motors of every type, so we are sure to have something that fits your needs.

Along with outboard motors, Domenic's Marine Ltd. can also provide you with new boats, accessories and boat trailers.

What Is an Outboard Motor?

As a boat owner, the term 'outboard motor' might be familiar to you, but what exactly does it mean? Using an outboard motor is one of the most popular motorized methods of moving a boat. As the term suggests, this motor goes outside the watercraft, which leaves more room inside it. 

When it comes to choosing an outboard engine, it all comes down to personal preferences. When you come to Domenic's Marine Ltd., our staff will listen to your needs and assist you in deciding.

Would you like to learn more about our outboard motors in Kamloops? Please reach out to us. Domenic's Marine Ltd. regularly offers exciting promotions on our website that we would love for you to check out!

Advantages of Outboard Motors

Are you thinking about investing in an outboard motor for your boat? We suggest you consider the following benefits:

  • More Space: Most boats with outboard motors have more space than boats with inboard engines. They are also ideal for entertaining large groups.
  • Lower Maintenance: Outboard motors are more accessible and require less maintenance than inboards.
  • Need for Speed: One of the most significant benefits of using an outboard motor is turning effectively with or without power.
  • Maneuverability: While inboard motors often require a bit of a learning curve to operate, you can easily use outboard ones. Visit our shop in Kamloops to learn more about our selection of Mercury motors and boating products.  
  • Better draft: Outboard engines offer a shallow draft, which allows you to explore more shallow waters. This is excellent for fishing.
  • Efficient power: In comparison to inboard engines, outboard engines produce more speed and power. Not only that, but they're usually lighter, allowing your boat to move more quickly.

Still not convinced? Reach out to us. We will be happy to address your concerns.

Get in Touch

Not sure if an outboard motor is the right option for you? Give us a call, our team is always ready to answer your questions.

Our Products

The following is a list of our outboard motors in Kamloops:

Mercury Pro FourStroke 250-300 HP

Mercury Pro FourStroke 250-300 HP

Displays and delivers acceleration and top speed to run offshore confidently without compromising durability and reliability.

Mercury MerCruiser

Displays power, is light, and is easy to maintain.

Mercury Fourstroke 75-115 HP

Suitable for rigid inflatable hulls and fish and ski boats.

Mercury Pro FourStroke 250-300 HP

Mercury FourStroke 40-60 HP

Mercury FourStroke can deliver turnkey starts and instant throttle response.

Mercury Pro FourStroke 250-300 HP

Mercury FourStroke 25-30 HP

Mercury Pro FourStroke 250-300 HP

Mercury FourStroke 20 HP

Operating and installation is very easy. Low vibration and reliable starting are some of its features.

It provides a faster warmup and is excellent for aluminum tillers.

Mercury FourStroke 4-6 HP

These motors can be connected to a remote fuel tank and are lightweight.

This lightweight engine is excellent for aluminum tillers and sailboats.

This engine is under-cowl, offers noise management features, and is installed to ensure a smooth and quiet sail.

50% less vibration and 30% quieter. Ideal for inshore fishing and multi-species fishing.

The only choice for speed and powerful acceleration.

 Mercury OptiMax 3.0L 200-250 HP

Mercury OptiMax 1.5L 75-125 HP


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